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Conveyancing, Family Provision Claims and Motor Vehicle Accidents

This bundle includes guides from the following three publications, as well as our Practice Management guide as an extra bonus!

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1. Conveyancing

A complete matter-management solution which allows conveyancers and support staff to run a busy conveyancing practice. Includes the By Lawyers Contract for Sale of Land 2018 edition.

Each step in the transaction is set out in sequential order with easy access to all of the required precedents and a simple but comprehensive commentary. The publication includes the reference materials ‘1001 Conveyancing Answers’, ‘A full description of the sale process in NSW’ and ‘A full description of the purchase process in NSW’. 

Popular precedents include:

  • Contract for sale of land – By Lawyers 2018

  • Order on the agent 

  • Letter to vendor's solicitor with settlement adjustments and requesting payment directions 

  • Detailed cover sheet - Purchase of real property 

  • Section 66W certificate 

  • Direction to pay to purchaser’s solicitor

  • Notice to complete

  • Contract for sale of land – Law Society

  • Letter to vendor's solicitor submitting transfer

  • Settlement instructions mortgagee

 2. Family Provision Claims 

This comprehensive and practical publication provides complete coverage of family provision claims, when acting for either the plaintiff or the estate.

The guide provides detailed and easy to follow commentary on the three-stage process applicable to family provision claims and allows the practitioner to provide accurate initial advice and conduct a matter from negotiation through to settlement or hearing.

Practical commentary on current practice directions and authorities on key issues are also provided.

3. Motor Vehicle Accident 

This comprehensive and easy to follow publication helps practitioners to navigate the convoluted and restrictive legislation which applies to motor accident claims in NSW. There are two separate guides - one for pre-December 2017 accidents and another for post-December 2017 accidents, to which different legislative schemes apply. Links to the necessary forms and precedents are supplied.

This valuable publication will allow a practitioner to advise with confidence on the critical time limits and dispute resolution processes for each step of a claim, understand the highly restricted nature of the benefits available and costs recoverable for claimants and address the supporting material required to obtain the best result for the claimant. 

Popular precedents provided with both guides include:

  • Gathering information letters to client/insurer/relevant authorities et cetera

  • Medical authorities

  • Various letters to client explaining the process at each stage

  • Letters to doctors

  • Applications for statutory benefits

  • Example pleadings and particulars for common law damages