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Family Law

A complete guide to Family Law matters in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court.

Includes reference work "101 Family Law Answers".

Precedents for correspondence, orders and affidavits dealing with everything from negotiations prior to commencing proceedings, urgent interim applications, preparation and conduct of final hearings through to enforcement.

Commentary includes guides for the conduct of interim hearings and conciliation conferences together with tools for analysing contributions and s75(2) factors.

Some of the most popular precedents included in this publication:

  • Example - Minutes of consent orders property only

  • Initial letter to client with costs agreement and copy letter to spouse

  • Initial pre-action letter to spouse

  • Financial agreement s90C - After separation

  • Parenting plan

  • Affidavit - Separation under the one roof

  • Annexure coversheet

  • Summary of assets and liabilities

  • Financial agreement s90C - After separation