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QLD Conveyancing, Business and Personal Property Securities

This bundle includes guides from the following three publications, as well as our Practice Management guide as an extra bonus!

Recent updates can be viewed on Obiter - our blog. 

Conveyancing (QLD)

A complete matter management solution so that conveyancers and support staff can run a busy conveyancing practice. Each step in the transaction is set out in sequential order with all of the required precedents and commentary in the one place. 

Commentary covers issues that arise regularly and the more complex issues that arise from time to time. Includes reference work “1001 Conveyancing Answers”

Some of the most popular precedents included in this publication:

  • Letter to seller's solicitor submitting transfer

  • Letter to buyer's solicitor returning signed transfers

  • Settlement notice

  • Letter to buyer after settlement

  • Initial letter to seller's solicitor

  • Disclosure notice

  • Order on the agent

  • Letter to buyer enclosing CSA and disclosure notice

  • Letter to council paying rates

  • Settlement instructions sale with mortgagee

  • Client service agreement (CSA)

Business and Franchise (QLD)

The easy to follow, comprehensive procedures and checklists in this guide eliminate common issues which cause delay or dispute in relation to contracts for sale of business, such as purchaser entity, finance, premises and franchise requirements.

Precedents include our new Uniform Contract for Sale of Business which covers all aspects of the transaction from pre-exchange vendor warranties and purchaser guarantees (by shareholders where applicable) to completion, including effective releases of PPSR security interests, transfer all of business assets including copyright works, trade marks, supplier contracts, et cetera and the ASIC/Fair Trading requirements for the transfer of business name. Our contract also customises the competition restraints so they are enforceable, bind the key people and deal with e-commerce, non-solicitation of staff and customers and confidential information.

The commentary compares business structures, sets out the tax consequences of sale price apportionment, explains the tax treatment of stock, long service leave and other employee entitlements, considers the status of the premises and any franchise agreement and discusses many other important issues affecting business conveyancing.

Some of the most popular precedents in this publication include:

  • Uniform contract for sale of business

  • Letter to purchaser's solicitor submitting contract

  • Letter to vendor's solicitor with executed contract for exchange

  • Direction to pay to purchaser's solicitor

  • Order on agent

  • Notice to complete

  • Direction to pay to incoming mortgagee

  • Summary of relevant considerations

  • Letter to vendor's solicitor raising requisitions

Personal Property Securities

This guide provides the explanation and tools practitioners need to navigate the PPSR system, readily document loans using personal property as security and also advise and assist clients seeking to discharge or vary security interests. The helpful suite of precedents includes various forms of loan agreement creating security interests, from single assets to complex business undertakings, together with our comprehensive Retainer Instructions, advice certificates, company resolutions, discharges and all other documents the practitioner is likely to need when performing this type of work.

The detailed and practical commentary provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the PPSR regime and assistance with using the register in loan and asset sale transactions.

Recent publication updates can be viewed on Obiter - our blog. 

Some of the most popular precedents in this publication include:

  • Certificate of independent financial advice

  • Acknowledgement of legal advice by proposed guarantor

  • Minutes of meeting of grantor resolving to sign general security agreement

  • Equipment hire agreement

  • Security agreement - Company extensive all assets

  • Security agreement - Concise

  • Terms of trade

  • Consent to same solicitor giving legal advice - Grantor guarantor

  • Consignment agreement



$199 AUD + GST

per month - minimum 3 month subscription

Train Your Staff Affordably

Reduce Your Practice Risks

Access on Desktop,
Phone or Tablet