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Wills (SA), Estates (SA) and Personal Property Securities (FED)

This bundle includes guides from the following three publications, as well as our Practice Management guide as an extra bonus!

Recent updates can be viewed on Obiter - our blog. 

Wills, Powers of Attorney & Advance Care Directives SA

This valuable and thorough publication allows the practitioner to take instructions using a comprehensive and methodical instruction sheet then prepare wills, powers of attorney and advance care directives with confidence, whether for a single client or complex families and including where the clients have an extensive or complicated asset portfolio.

Precedents include various ways to deal with blended families, superannuation death benefits and rights to occupy.

Commentary includes discussion of tax treatment of superannuation, use of testamentary trusts, family provision considerations and assets in multiple jurisdictions.

Take the worry and risk out of will drafting and maximise its value to your practice by using our excellent and easy to follow publication.

Estates SA

This comprehensive and practical guide assists practitioners to advise and act for clients in all types of estate matters.

An application for probate or letters of administration can be made with ease and confidence. The guide features detailed commentary and all necessary forms and precedents for obtaining a grant, getting in assets and making the distribution. Deeds of release and indemnity and deeds of family arrangement are included.

Personal Property Securities FED

This guide provides the explanation and tools practitioners need to navigate the PPSR system, readily document loans using personal property as security and also advise and assist clients seeking to discharge or vary security interests. The helpful suite of precedents includes various forms of loan agreement creating security interests, from single assets to complex business undertakings, together with our comprehensive Retainer Instructions, advice certificates, company resolutions, discharges and all other documents the practitioner is likely to need when performing this type of work.

The detailed and practical commentary provides a clear and comprehensive explanation of the PPSR regime and assistance with using the register in loan and asset sale transactions.

Recent publication updates can be viewed on Obiter - our blog. 

Some of the most popular precedents in this publication include:

  • Certificate of independent financial advice

  • Acknowledgement of legal advice by proposed guarantor

  • Minutes of meeting of grantor resolving to sign general security agreement

  • Equipment hire agreement

  • Security agreement - Company extensive all assets

  • Security agreement - Concise

  • Terms of trade

  • Consent to same solicitor giving legal advice - Grantor guarantor

  • Consignment agreement



$199 AUD + GST

per month - minimum 3 month subscription

Train Your Staff Affordably

Reduce Your Practice Risks

Access on Desktop,
Phone or Tablet